Fleur De Lis is 11 songs I wrote while I was residing in the Bywater neighborhood of New Orleans since October of 2010. Brad Jones, who produced my albums “Slow New York,” “Good Life,” & “Smash Palace” returns to the helm, and the record features some truly special New Orleans musicians including Johnny Vidacovich (Professor Longhair, James Booker, Astral Project) and Terrence Higgins (Dirty Dozen Brass Band) on drums as well as Jon Cleary (Bonnie Raitt, Taj Mahal) on keys and guitar.

Girls Need Attention is a musical atonement: vulnerable, honest, and painfully direct as it chronicles a break-up. “I don't know how to not write confessionally... the songs always feel like a shopping cart that veers in that direction no matter which way I try to steer it.” Recorded at Norah Jones's home studio, the record features stellar accompaniment from Nels Cline (Wilco) on guitar, Jolie Holland on box fiddle, and Sasha Dobson on vocals. The backing band, who was “essentially paid in fine tequila”, says Julian, a self-professed food and drink aficionado, contains such luminaries as Lee Alexander (who also produced the album), Tim Luntzel (bass) and Dan Rieser (drums), and is sparingly augmented throughout with keyboards (Dred Scott), baritone guitar, (Steve Elliot) french horn (Louis Schwadron), tuba (Marcus Rojas), and bass clarinet (Doug Wieselman).

Recorded in Los Angeles with preeminent producer, Mitchell Froom, this 2008 release showcases Richard at the top of his craft.  Songs like "God III," and "Syndicated" introduce a sly socio-political edge and are deftly accompianied by Julian's longstanding New York rhythm section of Tim Luntzel (bass) and Dan Rieser (drums).  Froom's familiar keyboard wizadry makes cameo appearances throughout.

Julian's major label debut of 2006 was called "one of the year's best by The Washington Post.  Produced by Brad Jones and the partner team of Norah Jones and Lee Alexander, it features many of New York City's most highly-regarded musicians.  "...His razor-sharp acoustic-spun vignettes about life in the big city and its varied inhabitants, coupled with his honey-and-sand vocals, make this a charmingly understated effort." - Philadelphia Inquirer

Recorded at Brad Jones' house in Nashville, TN, this low-budget independent release is an intimate stripped-down affair.  Released in 2002, many of the songs remain staples in Julian's live performances such as "Your Friend John," "Please Rene, Not Now", and the title track, "Good Life." 

Also produced by Brad Jones, this album contains some of Julian's most experimental work.   Pedal steels, loops, moog synthesizers, and a vast array of percussion meld together into a funky,  unconventional accompianment for a songer-songwriter.

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